About Us

At PaydayCashAdvanceINC.com we represent a company that offers payday loans not directly but via our numerous partners. We are not direct lenders; however, we have got many reputable partners who are eager to help borrowers in the time of their financial complication.

We offer the most adequate and straightforward process of application that takes few minutes. And we also guarantee fast approval even to those customers whose credit history state is not actually the best one.

Our partners do not make any difference between customers with bad and good credit - they do not perform credit checks and they grant approval to all customers in need of fast credit. This is one of the most convenient options for those borrowers who have no chance of getting a loan from a bank, or any kind of traditional crediting for that matter.

With our help borrowers can get cash as fast as it is possible and without really much of a hassle. The application presupposes filling in a very simple form that we send to our partners and find the best offer for it. Then approval is granted and the money is transferred to a person's checking account within one business day.

The lenders we work with do not have strict requirements - all of them need the proofs of income and employment as well as legal age and American citizenship. Basically, that is all; however, in rare cases some additional documents might be requested. In 99% of cases borrowers get approval immediately.

The process of repayment is also very simple and straightforward. On the day of the repayment the money is withdrawn from a borrower's account; there is no need to go to a lender in person, all the transactions are electronic.

We are very much concerned about security of our customers as well as their satisfaction with our services. You can rest assured that all the personal data you submit is safe with us and we guarantee the best quality service possible for the needs of our clients.